Benefits of Earning Certification in Negotiations from The Institute for Strategic Negotiations

Earning Certification in Negotiations from The Institute for Strategic Negotiations is a unique distinction which indicates that you are one of those rare individuals that has attained a high degree of proficiency in the art of negotiating.

This designation may help you advance in your career or in managing your business. As an ISN Certified Negotiator you will gain insight into the skills necessary to procure materials at lower costs; generate greater sales volumes; resolve disputes more amiably; attain higher prices on products and services you are selling; and, receive better terms when forging transactions such as alliances, joint-ventures, licensing agreements, acquisitions and financings.

Enhancing your negotiating skills will make you more valuable to your bosses and clients. ISN Certified Negotiators are also more valuable to themselves as they are better equipped to promote their own careers and negotiate their compensation packages. After earning the required course credits and passing the quizzes, you may market yourself as having earned a Certificate in Negotiations from The Institute for Strategic Negotiations. This achievement may be mentioned on resumes, in interviews, when responding to Requests for Proposals, and during client pitches.

ISN designees receive 50% discounts on all of the ISN's negotiating courses delivered via archived webinar.

Fellows at The Institute of Strategic Negotiations receive all of the benefits of being a member of The Institute for Strategic Negotiations and The Business Development Academy. The primary benefit is substantial discounts on all courses and events produced by the Business Development Academy. With courses in the fields of Intellectual Property; Corporate Transactions; Negotiations; Financial Modeling and Projections; Strategic Decision Making; Strategic Planning; Business Valuation and more, you will find plenty of courses that will keep you at the top of your profession.