Specialized Certifications

Maximize the Leverage of Earning Certification
from The Institute for Strategic Negotiations!

Concentrate your studies in a
specialized field of negotiations!

While The Institute for Strategic Negotiations' certification will enhance your negotiating abilities, you may gain the most leverage by earning a specialized certification in negotiations. These concentrated areas of study will distinguish your resume and will make you more valuable to employers and clients.

Specialized negotiations certifications include:

Certified Commercial Funding Negotiator - These programs teach candidates nuances of negotiating capital raises; creative acquisition financing techniques; corporate loan agreements; series A term sheets as well as negotiating with angel investors, venture capitalists and private equity investors.

This specialization is ideal for investment bankers, chief financial officers, treasurers, venture capitalists, asset based lenders, factors, angel investors, transactions attorneys, business brokers, hedge fund managers and private equity investors.

Certified Commercial Real Estate Negotiator - This is our newest area of specialization. Courses will focus on negotiating commercial leases, representations and warranties in contracts, development contracts as well as acquisitions and divestitures.

This specialization will distinguish commercial real estate sales professionals, real estate lawyers, property developers, real estate managers, commercial real estate investors, and lenders to real estate developers.

Certified Commercial Transactions Negotiator - Sessions include negotiating acquisitions; acquisitions of family-owned businesses; buy-sell agreements; acquisitions of Israeli companies; asset versus stock acquisitions; transactions in Mexico; and, negotiating intellectual property issues during acquisitions.

This area of concentration provides recognition for mergers and acquisitions directors, business development managers, corporate strategists, finance professionals, investment bankers and transactions attorneys.

Certified Corporate Negotiator - This concentration provides electives ranging from negotiating executive compensation to using game theory in negotiations; from negotiating information technology agreements to negotiating federal government contracts; and, from negotiating with organized labor to negotiating insurance coverage for directors and officers.

This field of concentration accentuates the negotiating skills of executives with a wide array of corporate responsibility.

Certified Intellectual Property Negotiator - Electives focus on issues such as negotiating royalty rate clauses; the purchase and sale of patents; improvement rights; licensing nanotechnology and life sciences; and negotiating licensing agreements in locales ranging from Brazil to Israel; from China to India; and, from Germany to Japan.

This specialization is a mark of distinction for licensing executives, inventors, intellectual property portfolio managers, technology transfer professionals, patent agents, and intellectual property lawyers.

Certified International Negotiator - Courses range from negotiating contracts in China, India and Mexico to negotiating with the Chinese, Japanese, Brazilians, Russians and Africans.

This concentration is perfect for executives who desire a keener understanding of the cultural nuances of managing negotiations in various parts of the world.

Qualifications: The qualifications for earning a specialized certification in negotiations from The Institute for Strategic Negotiations are that you must complete the Enhanced Negotiating Strategies course (8 credits), courses in the specialization of your choosing (5 credits), any additional courses you like (2 credits). You will be required to pass quizzes for each course.

Cost: The cost to earn the Certified Negotiator designation from The Institute for Strategic Negotiations is $2,420.