Negotiating Battle®

Negotiating is like playing three-dimensional chess in the middle of a battlefield. In the heat of a Negotiating Battle®, you must be well-prepared and think fast on your feet. Before you engage your next negotiating counterpart, you should consider undergoing a simulated Negotiating Battle®.

What is a Negotiating Battle®?

A Negotiating Battle® consists of two sides sparring with each other during a mock negotiation.

How is the battlefield set?

The Negotiating Battle® begins with you briefing us on the nature of the negotiations that you are confronting. We develop a case study for your teams to work through during a Negotiating Battle®. Your teams review the case study before the Negotiating Battle® begins. We spend at least one day with your teams as they work through the Negotiating Battle®. During -- and at the conclusion of -- the Negotiating Battle®, we provide a critique, insights and summaries of key negotiating points for your teams to consider.

What are the advantages of a Negotiating Battle®?

Negotiating Battles® are designed to prepare executives for real-life negotiations. Working with your team will foster greater internal alignment. Sparring with a faux adversary will provide insights into the strategies and tactics that your real negotiating adversaries may use against you.

How can I commission a Negotiating Battle®?

You can start by contacting David Wanetick at (609) 919-1895 ext. 104 or

Is there recommended negotiating training that can be offered alongside a Negotiating Battle®?

Our flagship course -- Enhanced Negotiating Strategies -- is always a great source of negotiating training. This course is available on an open enrollment basis as well as through customized training. Our Negotiating Confidant program enables you to benefit from having a negotiating coach at your beck and call. And, of course, with over 80 specialized programs, The Institute for Strategic Negotiations maintains the world's largest library of negotiating courses.