About Us:

The Institute for Strategic Negotiations is dedicated to providing executives with actionable negotiations training. ISN has developed the world's largest library of negotiating courses of interest to executives. Our training is delivered via open enrollment courses, custom courses and via webinars. ISN also offers dedicated consulting services such as the facilitation of Negotiating Battles, running negotiating retreats and negotiating strategy sessions, tactical negotiations advisory services and executive coaching.

The Institute for Strategic Negotiations offers courses that are developed and delivered by negotiators with an average of twenty years of relevant experience. INS instructors are key players in multi-billion dollar corporate transactions; sophisticated real estate transactions valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars; the licensing of the world's most promising technologies; and, in the resolution of international disputes.

The Institute for Strategic Negotiations is a division of The Business Development Academy (BDA). The Business Development Academy is an internationally acclaimed establishment of executive education. The BDA has run courses in over 20 cities in the United States as well as in Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Denmark, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, India, Dubai and Israel. Representatives from more than 725 Fortune 1000 companies--and from over 40 countries--have attended courses offered by The Business Development Academy.

DAVID WANETICK is the CEO of the Institute for Strategic Negotiations. David teaches the Enhanced Negotiating Strategies courses offered through the Institute for Strategic Negotiations. Senior executives from all over the world attend these courses. David’s unique approach to negotiating encompasses his expertise in understanding clients’ business models and valuation issues. His clients include some of the largest Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups, universities and private equity firms. David is author of The Strategic Negotiator: A Manual for Negotiating at the Elite Level, the world’s most voluminous book dedicated to strategic negotiations.