The Institute for Strategic Negotiations Offers a Spectrum of Training Intensity

LevelDesignation / CertificationCriteriaCost
Level 4Certified TrainerLevel 3 plus Expanded CourseForthcoming. Stay tuned.
The Certified Trainer track is not yet being offered. Stay tuned for details.
Level 3Master NegotiatorLevel 2 plus 6 Elective Webinars$3,785
Listen to any 6 of more than 80 Elective Webinars produced by the Institute for Strategic Negotiations. You will need to submit the codes provided during the webinars to verify your having listened to the selected webinars.
Level 2 Certificate of ExcellenceLevel 1 plus Pass Exam$2,790
This open-book Exam is a series of true/false, matching and multiple choice questions with a few short answers. The minimum threshold for passing the Exam is 70%. The Exam must be passed within six months of attending the Enhanced Negotiating Strategies course. It is recommended that you pay for the Exam and Course simultaneously. The cost of the Exam by itself is $375.
Level 1 Certificate of CompletionAttend the Enhanced Negotiating Strategies Course$2,495
This course is the cornerstone of all Institute for Strategic Negotiations’ certifications. More information—including course dates and locations—about the Enhanced Negotiating Strategies course is available here. If you need assistance registering for a course, please contact info@bdacademy.com or 609-919-1895 ext. 100.

Benefits of Earning a Designation from The Institute for Strategic Negotiations

Designations offered by The Institute for Strategic Negotiations provide unique distinction, indicating that you are one of those rare individuals that has attained a high degree of proficiency in the art of negotiating.

ISN designations may help you advance in your career or in managing your business. Our training is designed to provide you with insight into the skills necessary to procure materials at lower costs; generate greater sales volumes; resolve disputes more amiably; attain higher prices on products and services you are selling; and, receive better terms when forging transactions such as alliances, joint-ventures, licensing agreements, acquisitions and financings.

Enhancing your negotiating skills will make you more valuable to your bosses and clients. ISN-trained negotiators are also more valuable to themselves as they are better equipped to promote their own careers and negotiate their compensation packages. You may mention the designations you earn from The Institute for Strategic Negotiations on resumes, in interviews, when responding to Requests for Proposals, and during client pitches.

All of the ISN's negotiating courses delivered via archived webinar are available for a 50% discount to those who earn the Institute for Strategic Negotiations' Certificate of Excellence.