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At 800 pages, The Strategic Negotiator is unparalleled in terms of insight, intensity and depth. This $795 book is currently furnished to those who attend the author’s widely acclaimed Enhanced Negotiating Strategies course.

The Strategic Negotiator bursts with actionable and practical advice for negotiators. Powerful lessons are drawn from history and diplomacy. Negotiations come alive in these pages as colorful vignettes from the worlds of commerce; investment, music and entertainment are shared.

Original negotiating gambits — such as the Moonwalk, the Circular Saw, the Velvet Crowbar, Shakedown Disinfectants, and the Advanced Eulogy — are introduced. The intricacies of negotiating around specific contractual terms are expounded upon: Insights into Auctions, Exclusive Negotiating Periods, 360° Contracts, Liquidation Preferences, Bilateral Options, Wedges, Escrows, Entry of Competitor Provisions and Most-Favored Nation Clauses await the reader. Specific strategies for outflanking regulators, bullies, frenemies, bosses, and venture capitalists are provided.