On-Site Training

"Thank you very much for coming all the way to Singapore to give us a training on negotiation. It is something we don’t have much exposure to during our daily job and we all found these topics fascinating."

Bo Duan

Maximize learning and minimize downtime.

More and more companies are realizing the value of bringing training on-site. On-site Training is a flexible, cost-effective option that allows you to train as many or as few employees as you need – from a single team or department to everyone in your organization. We can send an instructor to your facility and conduct private training with your employees on your schedule.

Your employees and your business benefit because:

  • A pre-course discussion with the instructor will enable us to tailor the course material to fulfill your business needs and expectations.
  • Teams can openly discuss issues of importance since attendees are all employees.
  • Teams learn with real-world examples to enhance retention of learning objectives.
  • You can train groups of employees to significantly reduce tuition expenses and increase overall content retention.
  • You maintain productivity with flexible course scheduling.
  • You can set up a video bridge with remote colleagues and/or archive the training.
  • The business realizes cost savings through the elimination of travel time and costs.

For onsite training, please contact Kristin Kupsh at Kristin@bdacademy.com or call us at 609-919-1895 ext. 100 .

Also Available to add to On Site Training: Negotiating Battle®

Negotiating Battle®

Negotiating is like playing three-dimensional chess in the middle of a battlefield. Our Negotiating Battle® exercise brings the sparing of a negotiation to life. In the heat of battle, you must be well-prepared and think fast on your feet. Before you engage your next negotiating counterpart, you should consider undergoing a simulated Negotiating Battle®.

Negotiating Battles® are designed to prepare executives for real-life negotiations. Working with your team will foster greater internal alignment. Sparring with a faux adversary will provide insights into the strategies and tactics that your real negotiating adversaries may use against you.

Negotiating Battle® customizations are available – spar with your faux adversaries on cases unique to your company. To learn more or add the Negotiating Battle® to your training class, contact Kristin Kupsh at Kristin@bdacademy.com.